Meet the Owner

Owner and Principal, Jacquelyne C. Temkin, is a registered architect that has been in the design field for more than 15 years. Jackie has experience in both commercial and residential design and has worked on numerous projects from cozy residential additions and exquisite ground-up custom homes to contemporary commercial exteriors and tenant improvements.

Her long-standing love of travel continues to influence her goal of creating emotionally rewarding designs in a variety of styles.

Registered Architect – California | Registered Architect – Hawaii | NCARB Certified | LEED AP | AIA 

Design Philosophy

At Junction Design Studio, we believe architecture is the art of creating spaces that nurture well-being and foster the symbiotic relationship between the users and their environments. Our core approach fuses aesthetics and thoughtful design, crafting spaces that go beyond mere beauty. Each environment is not only beautiful, but functional, comfortable, and pleasing to the senses; a space where design elements converge to elevate the overall harmony of the space.

We pride ourselves on our intelligent curation of these design elements and our meticulous attention to detail, always seeking to inspire and intrigue. Every project we undertake is tailored to respond directly to the unique needs of our clients and the project site. Our process revolves around a deep understanding of our client’s vision, ensuring their voices are heard and aspirations embraced. We immerse ourselves in the purpose of the space, aiming to evoke desired emotions and feelings, resulting in the extraordinary junction of context, experience, functionality, and aesthetics. Spaces that resonate with emotions.

Our heart lies in enhancing our clients’ sense of place, forging a profound connection between architecture and emotion. Through thoughtful listening, creative responses, and our unique design voice, we strive for the utmost success in every endeavor. We envision spaces that transcend the ordinary, enriching the lives of those who inhabit them.

junction design studio : where architecture and emotion intersect